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The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook

Begin the journey towards freedom, hope and new beginnings. This journey is like none other – as you look at sabotaging behaviors and mindsets, you will find the truth that will set you free. 

Topics include:

  • Codependence styles
  • Family Systems 
  • Emotional Strongholds
  • Love Styles
  • Control and Surrender
  • Shame
  • Forgiveness and Freedom
  • Identity 
  • Boundaries
  • Balance

A House that Grace Built Bundle (Book & Workbook/Journal

Beyond codependence there is deeper healing and the design of connection. The journey to heal relationships is to learn how to cleanse our heart, to let grace take root and to find the satisfying power of redemption, boundaries and intimacy. 

Themes include: 

  • Growth patterns and development
  • Soul ties
  • Intimacy Styles
  • Rooms of the Heart
  • Grief and Surrender
  • Reconnection
  • Boundaries of Inner Heart
  • Character Development 

Christian Families in Recovery

Understanding the Bondage of addiction and the faulty relationship roles. Learn how to help the addict rather than enable them, and how to support their process while also supporting your own needs. 

Topics include:

  • Active addition
  • The family in crisis
  • Intervention
  • Healing and redemption
  • Family boundaries