Marriage Crisis Intervention & Healing

If you have a crisis in a marriage or relationship that requires intensive intervention, Stephanie and Robert Tucker alongisde our trained counseling team can work with you to design a program that seeks to expose the rooted issues. They have worked with families in crisis in a professional treatment environment for over fifteen years,  navigating two people’s experience through love,  empathy, grace and redemption. An intensive goes far beyond “he said, she said” or a referee format. Instead, it asks that both spouses engage the heart, latch onto the perspective of Father God and each other; and work on their individual brokenness as much as the broken parts they see in each other. 

Many times the problems of a marriage comes to headway through the crisis of addiction, sexual infidelity, communication shut down or financial strain. While this crisis sets the stage for exposing the issue, it is just a manifestation of a deeper problem.  That’s why merely dealing with the crisis at a surface level will not work. It’s also why working through marriage as its own entity also won’t work. Two people bring two perspectives and mindsets. They bring issues, problems and coping skills. They bring hurts, unmet needs and dreams. All this has a place in the healing process. 

Intensives confront and allow true feelings to be felt, needs to be discovered and truths to be told. While painful and uncomfortable, there is a redemptive formula of grace that has power to reconnect, unite, satisfy, and bring two broken hearts into one accord. It isn’t through “feel good” measures or merely practical “to do lists.” It comes from Heaven – the powerful love of Father God – the powerful reality of the cross – the fact that God’s heart sits down between two hurting people and gives them a way back home. Though painful and difficult at times, the life-long investment can change the course of history of the marriage, of children and of generations to come. 

This intensive process can be done at home through online options or scheduled through private venues at various times of the year. 

It includes: 

  • Initial assessment (computer based) 
  • Individual assessments 
  • Treatment plans (individual and together) 
  • Materials and coursework (included) 
  • 6 individual sessions (each spouse) 
  • 6 marital sessions 
  • Total: 18 private sessions
  • Package: $2,500

If you work in the ministry or through a church, we are specially geared for this dynamic. We suggest asking your church for financial assistance. A healthy marriage is vital for ministry and should be at the heart and soul of priorities. If you don’t get help from us, please get help somewhere.