Inner healing & Counseling

Work one on one with Stephanie Tucker or other trained counselors to develop a  healing plan that deals with uprooting the pain of the past, and preparing for the future God has designed. Using a professional process of treatment alongside prayer, you will work through the layers that have led to “survival mode” and trade that in for the significance of life in Jesus. Healing holds a sacred space in a person’s life, it can be the first steps of finding who you are, what you were made for and how to live out your relationships. 

We counsel codependence and other issues of the heart with non-medical, spirit-led protocols, including: 

  • Anxiety and fear-based conditions
  • Trauma and non-medical treatment for PTSD
  • Depression and oppression
  • Relationship strains and marriage
  • Addiction or families in addiction
  • Adult children boundaries
  • Loss of identity and purpose

To learn about Stephanie’s approach to the healing process, click here

Stephanie Tucker is a certified drug and alcohol counselor and has a doctorate in counseling from ACADC Institute. She has directed a drug and alcohol program ( alongside her husband for over 15 years and has also led a counseling and healing ministry for ten years ( She is well known in the recovery community as an gifted author, speaker and counselor.

Rates: $125/1 hour session (Sliding scale available)

Thrive Life Coaching

When healing has happened, a new pathway to life forms. Coaching is about living out your goals and dreams under the leading and direction of God’s plan and purpose for your life. Coaching is an exciting season of forming the work that has taken place already and shaping it into a future filled with hope and new beginnings. It involves culminating purpose, goal work, accountability, and daily scheduling. Coaching can be short term or long term. 

Rates per hour session: 

3 pack $300

6 pack $500

12 pack $900

Scholarships may be available to offset costs.