Work one on one with a trained counselor to develop a  healing plan that deals with uprooting the pain of the past, and preparing for the future God has designed. Using a professional process of treatment alongside prayer, you will work through the layers that have led to “survival mode” and trade that in for the significance of life in Jesus. Healing holds a sacred space in a person’s life, it can be the first steps of finding who you are, what you were made for and how to live out your relationships. 

We counsel codependence and other issues of the heart with non-medical, spirit-led protocols, including: 

Anxiety and fear-based conditions
Trauma and non-medical treatment for PTSD
Depression and oppression
Relationship strains and marriage
Addiction or families in addiction
Adult children boundaries
Loss of identity and purpose

Rates: $125/1 hour session (Sliding scale available)