Trauma Prayer Sessions

Healing prayer incorporates the principles of counseling through interaction rather than written assignments. The purpose is to process emotions and find redemptive solutions through Jesus. Men and women aren’t being prayed over, they are being prayed with through life experiences and memories as they are revealed. 

This process isn’t “new age” guided imagery, but spirit-led exploration of the heart and mind.  We use experiential and emotional memories instead of cognitive-based memories. This is to tap into trauma events and those areas that aren’t stored in the cortex but are housed in the subconscious (amygdala).  Trauma prayer integrates the whole person – the brain, mind, emotions, will and most important, the spirit.  We address trauma that is lodged deeper and requires deeper tools than what the mind can remember. 

The goal in all healing sessions is to seek answers to the past, and to ask Jesus to aid men and women through the traumatic events where they didn’t receive the help they needed while it happened. It’s not that He goes back and physically alters the past. But He takes people to the place where the memories are stored. Then, He can provide comfort and establish a new perspective.  The truth is Jesus was there all along, but the person in the trauma event didn’t know how to access Him. Now that they can access Him, they can view that same place of trauma through a redemptive filter. 

It’s hard to put to words what reframing trauma and pain can do to the human heart. Using transactions such as receiving forgiveness, offering forgiveness and finding identity and worth in Jesus, we don’t just use visualization, but offer powerful tools to overcome. 

Healing prayer isn’t for everyone. It is for those that need to get out of their head and drive straight into the heart. It’s also for people comfortable working with images and imagination rather than written projects alone. 

Stephanie had led inner healing sessions for seven year, trained by some of the best ministers in the field. She is passionate that this type of healing can sometimes lead to the breakthrough that traditional counseling methods can’t access.